What are New Haven Cares vouchers?

New Haven Cares vouchers are small blue rectangular slips that can be given to homeless individuals (panhandlers) in lieu of cash or coin. The panhandlers can then redeem them  at local supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. Because the vouchers can only be used at designated locations, they ensure that money given to panhandlers is not spent on drugs or alcohol, and they foster a healthier relationship between Yale students/faculty and the homeless in New Haven. Its always nice when Yale Students/Faculty and New Haven Residents don’t have to turn away from the homeless and can actually offer these New Haven vouchers right out of their pockets without feeling that the money will be misused.

New Haven Cares vouchers are sold in $0.50 increments and can be obtained at the Dwight Hall Secretary’s office in Dwight Hall on Old Campus at Yale University.


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